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Your Roof: Inspect Now or Pay Later

Can you believe that the Chiefs are playing already? It can only mean one thing (other than tailgating): the return of fall and cold weather. And after the summer we’ve had, we’re ready! But the real question may be, is your roof ready?

The answer to this isn’t one you’ll want to find out the hard way. The last thing you want to deal with during the middle of a Kansas City ice storm is a leak in your roof. Winter is hard enough without having to deal with home maintenance and costly repairs. And the condition of your roof is certainly not worth risking when a simple pre-fall inspection could save you time, money and trouble.

Did you know that we at Adamstree Roofing offer free roof inspections? It’s our way of serving the area residents and helping them avoid unnecessary hassles and major repair projects. We detect problems early and make sure all of the issues are properly addressed before disaster strikes and you’ve got water coming through your ceiling.

During each of our inspections, we completely review your roof, checking everything from flashings to shingles to gutters and looking for signs of damage that is either causing a current problem or has the potential to create one down the road. After we finish each inspection, we provide customers with a complete worksheet that outlines the results of our review. We make our recommendations regarding maintenance and repairs and allow the customer to determine the course of action from there.

This winter, wouldn’t you rather be sitting in front of the TV cheering on the Chiefs in a warm, cozy home instead of dealing with leaky roofs and home damage? The answer is obvious, which is why we at Adamstree Roofing encourage you to take us up on the offer to conduct a free inspection. It won’t cost you a dime, but it could save you a bundle!

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  1. Great idea, no one likes having roof problems when all the snow hits.

  2. It would definitely be wise to have the roof inspected BEFORE the trouble starts, thanks for sharing!

  3. I hadn’t thought of having my roof inspected before winter. It would certainly suck if part of it started leaking while watching tv like you mentioned…

  4. Stay In BransonStay In Branson09-18-2012

    It’s so nice to hear that there are still companies that look out for their neighbors. I love that you offer free roof inspections, thank you!

  5. The TIL ShowThe TIL Show09-21-2012

    This is a great idea considering we have no idea how hard this winter will be – especially since the last few have been so mild.

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