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Choosing the right roof color for your home

The color and style of your home’s roof can be just as important as the color of the rest of your home. When you think about it, your roof cover up more than half your home’s exterior. The more your roof is shown, the more you need to consider how well it matches up with the rest of your home. Having the perfect color combination can create the curb appeal you desire!


Selecting the right roof color can complement the rest of your home’s exterior. “While people have the freedom of color choice these days with the vast multitude of synthetic roofing colors and blends available in the marketplace,” says Kate Smith, CMG and owner of Sensational Color, “there are certainly some fast and easy guidelines they can keep in mind.”

Smith recommends the following guidelines when matching polymer roof colors with various style homes:

Green Roofs – Homes with natural wood siding or houses that are painted gray or white work best with green roofs. You can also go with a lighter shade of green, as well. No-nos include red or other “warm” colors.
Black roofs – Homes painted gray, blue, green or white work best with black roofs. No-nos include using a black roof on a single-story or smaller home as it makes it look smaller than it actually is.
Brown roofs – Homes that are painted tan, yellow, cream, off-white or a different shade of brown look best with brown roofs. No-nos include homes painted blue or gray.
Gray roofs – A gray roof works best with traditional style homes and used on blue, green, black and white house colors.
Red roofs – Homes with gray or warm brown house colors work best with red roofs. However, if your house is white or cream colored, it also helps create a country look.


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  1. Thanks for the info. Roof color isn’t something I’ve really thought about much before, but I can see how it would make a difference in your home’s appearance!

  2. Many people consider the color of their exterior walls, decks, and patio enclosures, but they forget about the color of their roof. Good information that homeowners need to be considering.

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