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Cold weather roofing options

adamstree-roofing-replacement-winterIf you live in a cold weather climate for the majority of the year, you will probably notice that keeping your house warm can sometimes be a challenge.

Here are some options for roofing to help keep your house warm and your energy bill low:

Concrete Tiles

Concrete roofing tiles are strong and capable of withstanding any conditions, including fire. Concrete tiles are made of cement, sand and pigments. One problem of concrete tiles compared to other solutions is that it is almost three times as heavy, so make sure your roof can handle the extra weight.

Metal Roofing

Metal roofing has become increasingly more popular in colder climates. Northern parts of New York have particularly become fond of metal roofs. The benefits of a metal roof include durability and that snow and ice slide right off. Because of this, heavy icicles hardly ever form on these types of roofs. Because snow and ice slide off easily, it is advisable to use snow guards on the roof to prevent the snow and ice from causing damage to anyone below. If properly insulated, metal roofs will keep your house very warm.

Solar panels

There are two main types of solar panels:

  1. Passive tiles – Passive solar panel tiles are usually curved glass that help direct the energy into your home’s heating system. In the winter time, the snow and ice will melt off because the panels will be hot.
  2. Active tiles – Active solar panel tiles convert sunlight into electricity, which helps reduce your electric bill.



This may be an obvious one, but adding insulation to your attic will help keep your home warmer.  Insulating and sealing the attic floor will keep your warm air in and the cold air outside. This method works as it allows your roof to stay the same temperature as outside, which helps prevent ice dams and icicles from forming.

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  1. People in cold weather climates should be aware of all the options available to them. No matter what your budget is, there is an option for you.

  2. Solar Panels are so cool. I’d love to have some to help reduce my electric bill!

  3. It would be pretty cool to have solar panels. Definitely could save you some money in the long run

  4. Having an insulated attic is huge, and can affect your duct’s well-being as well!

  5. I know a great insulation guy! I would love to install active solar panels on my home.

  6. Concrete tiles sound intense! I’d worry about my roof collapsing!

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