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Common winter roof problems and fixes

The winter months can really take a toll on your roof. Between snow, ice, wind and the freezing temperatures, winter can be brutal to your home and your roof is where your home gets hit hardest.


It is a good idea to get your roof checked out before winter but here are some typical winter weather roof problems and how you can get them fixed:

Flashing Leaks

Roof flashings are what are used to help protect the edges of your roof  and are made out of aluminum. You can find them around chimneys and vents and piping on your roof. Winds, rain and snow can loosen the flashings and cause them to rip and tear. It is better to get your roof inspected to fix these now because they are inexpensive to replace and they can cause a lot of damage and problems otherwise.

Quick Fix: The easiest way to fix this is to get professional on your roof.

Ice Dams

A huge threat to your home is if your gutters are full of ice, which causes a big problem when snow and ice melts on your roof and it ends up forming pools on your roof. The water can then infiltrate your shingles, causing a destructive path to your walls and ceilings inside your home.

Quick Fix: Cleaning your gutters of excess leaves and debris before a big winter storm comes will help prevent some of these problems. Besides this, it is hard to to prevent an ice dam. However, you can prevent damage from occurring by getting your roof regularly inspected and having quality materials such as ceiling insulation and an effective roof ventilation system.

Adamstree Roofing

These tips should help keep your roof in better condition to last a long and wet winter. When you are looking for a professional to help make these fixes, give us a call Adamstree Roofing at (816) 606-7393!. We will help get your roof winterized!

  1. The winter storms have already started, especially for those in the North East. Thanks for the tips for preparing for these winter storms.

  2. The TIL ShowThe TIL Show01-03-2013

    You definitely want to protect the investment you made in your house and prepare it for winter!

  3. Sounds like the best way to fix or prevent these issues is to make sure you have a professional on hand!

  4. WOW Tree CareWOW Tree Care01-04-2013

    Winter is extremely hard on our cars, our homes, basically everything! Thanks for the tips to help prevent some of the hassle!

  5. Ice dams can be a huge problem and an expensive fix. Better to take care of it now, rather than later.

  6. Winter weather can really do a number on your roof if you’re not proactive about it. It’s a good idea to take care of it before you incur significant damage to your roof.

  7. It may seem like a lot of work, but then again, when is a house not a lot of work? This is great advice to avoid what could possibly be a very expensive fix. Thanks for the post.

  8. Most people don’t realize how much weight alone the snow and ice puts on your roof. that snow and ice is the equivalent of multiple gallons of water.

  9. These are great tips to making sure the outside of your house is maintained. Having a professional around to help with these tasks, will certainly make it easier and ensure a job is completed accurately. You don’t want to try and cut corners, for the obvious reasons that it may have to be redone, adding to the original costs.

  10. The ice hasn’t been to bad this year yet but I’m sure it will get there before the winter is over. Thanks for the tips.

  11. Thanks for posting this! This is great information and I will pass it along to my customers.

  12. Make sure to follow any and all safety guidelines, when performing any maintenance to the roof. These are some great tips to watch out for. Thanks for the information.

  13. All helpful tips!

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