New Roof Installation

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New Roofing Installation

When you find out you need new roofing, you’re not typically thrilled about that fact, no matter the circumstances. You might simply need a new roof because you would like greater energy efficiency or because you are building your own home or office, or you may need a new roof because a tornado or hail storm damaged yours beyond repair. Whatever the reason, most home and business owners know that the process of obtaining a new roof can be lengthy and frustrating.

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Installing a new roof is an event and an expense that a homeowner usually tackles when problems evidence themselves (i.e. leaks or damage beyond repair) or the aesthetics of the roof start to deteriorate to the point that the roof needs to be replaced. The performance of your roof can be affected by many different factors. Evaluate which ones might have the greatest impact for your home and install the right roof for your home:  sun, rain, wind, snow and ice, condensation, moss and algae, trees and leaves, missing shingles, deteriorating shingles, or deteriorating flashing.

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At Adamstree Roofing and Construction, we want to change the reputation of new roofing installation. With a business philosophy based on customer service and a commitment to excellence in new roofing, we offer the highest quality roofs in addition to contractors and managers who are easy to talk to and helpful throughout the new roofing process. We help you every step of the way as you make decisions about your new roof and its construction, so you can feel confident.

Commitment to customer services is our priority; that’s the Adamstree standard.